Digital Transformation & Innovation

At Technology Holdings, we have deep domain expertise in Digital Transformation. Our team of experienced professionals has worked closely with pioneers in the rapidly evolving field of Digital Transformation, partnering with organizations who truly transform businesses through modern digital technologies.

Technology Holdings has expertise and experience working with companies in the following areas:

  • User Experience: UI/UX - design, development, implementation and usability research & testing
  • E-Commerce: Omni-channel marketing and modern e-commerce platforms to better engage with customers across multiple channels using generated insights
  • Content Management Systems: Implementation, customization and maintenance of Enterprise and Web Content Management systems like SAP Hybris, Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore and Magento
  • Enterprise Mobility: Transforming enterprise systems for a mobile experience
  • Cloud: Migration, customization and implementation of Cloud based solutions to enable adoption of secure SaaS based delivery model
  • Digitizing business: Development, implementation and maintenance of platforms which help digitize physical aspects of any business
  • Agile Transformation: Helping clients transform their software development practices, culture and accelerate project delivery through Agile
  • Disruptive business models: Unique and disruptive value propositions enabled by emerging digital technologies

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