Seizing the $1.2 Trillion Opportunity in Digital Product Engineering

Exploring Market Trends and a Review of M&A Activity in 2022 & 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest report on Digital Product Engineering Market Trends and Opportunities. This comprehensive report from Technology Holdings provides valuable insights on the $1.2 trillion digital product engineering market, highlighting major trends and growth strategies adopted by key players.

Download this exclusive report to gain valuable insights on:

  • Market Overview:
    Get a comprehensive understanding of the digital product engineering market, including its current state and future potential
  • Technology, Market, and Industry-Specific Trends in the Digital Product Engineering Ecosystem:
    Discover the latest advancements and trends shaping the digital product engineering landscape. Gain valuable insights into key technology trends such as accelerating digital product development with cloud-native architecture, leveraging digital product engineering for innovation in IoT, AI-driven quality engineering in digital product development, and investing in low code for improved efficiency and agility.
  • Competitor Landscape:
    Explore the competitive landscape of the digital product engineering market, identifying key players and their strategies.
  • Analysis of M&A Activity in the Digital Product Engineering Space:
    Gain a deep understanding of investment landscape within the digital product engineering ecosystem, including private equity and strategic acquisitions. Uncover the types of buyers and the underlying motivations driving these partnerships and growth initiatives.

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