“Technology Holdings was an outstanding advisor for us - they demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of the Automation, AI and Data Science and technology services buyer ecosystems, and had formidable access to strategic buyers and investors in France and internationally. We are very happy that they helped secure the right strategic partner in Alan Allman Associates for the next phase of H4H's growth, delivering on their promise of valuation while demonstrating remarkable levels of professionalism throughout. We are grateful to the entire Technology Holdings team for their diligence, dedication, and support throughout the process.”

Lila Benhammou,
Founder & CEO, Humans4Help

“From start to finish, Technology Holdings' guidance, support and skill in navigating the entire process has been invaluable. Their understanding of the digital transformation market, the mechanics that drive valuation and how to navigate negotiations were crucial to achieving a successful deal and we are delighted with the outcome. The TH team were always on hand to provide key strategic advice and consistently took the heavy lifting away from us. They truly became our trusted advisor and counsel, and we would highly recommend them.”

Rizvan Katchera,
Co-Founder &
Managing Director

Johann Doassans,
Co-Founder &
Managing Director

Christine Al Khalil,
Co-Founder &
Managing Director

“After talking to multiple advisory firms, we decided to go with Technology Holdings because of their track record in both Insurance technology solutions & Guidewire. The Technology Holdings team clearly understood what we do, what differentiates us and were able to effectively position us with strategic partners. They brought us our ideal partner in Accenture and were with us all through the process. Their support was critical in closing the transaction.”

Victor Voss,
Co-Founder, Partner & Managing Director, Blackcomb Consultants

“Our choice of Technology Holdings as our M&A advisor, proved to be a winning one. Without doubt, they understand the ServiceNow, technology services and digital transformation ecosystem. And they acted with responsiveness, care and determination to achieve an outstanding outcome for us. We know their global reach and extensive global buyer and investor relationships were critical too. Thanks to the TH team—who remained dedicated and supportive through the entire sale process—we found the perfect partner in Fujitsu, giving us an exciting future in new regions and new markets.”

Bruce Hara,
CEO & Co-founder, Enable Professional Services

Sukender Jain,
Co-founder & Director, Enable Professional Services

“It was clear from our first meeting with Technology Holdings that their ServiceNow and technology services expertise was unmatched! We were blown away by their level of industry knowledge and genuine interest to understand our business deeply. Like clockwork, the TH team quickly identified the right strategic buyers and investors to target and positioned us in front of the best global acquirers. TH’s relentless work ethic and unwavering resolve secured for us 5 strong offers resulting in the perfect strategic fit with Inetum. TH exceeded our expectations and were an invaluable partner throughout the entire process – there is no doubt that TH is the ServiceNow and M&A advisor of choice globally!”

Idan Harel,
Founder & CEO, Do IT Wise

"Technology Holdings has an impressive track record in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance IT and Fintech and we were able to leverage their global buyer and investor relationships to deliver an outstanding result for us. Their structured and high touch process was remarkable - from preparing impressive materials, facilitating the right buyer/investor meetings, to advising us on the selection of the right partner – they were exceptional! TH did exactly what they promised and took on the heavy lifting and truly became an extension of the Confinale team. The deal team guided us through the complexities and pressures of the transaction and presented us with a range of strategic options at each stage of the process. TH negotiated hard throughout the deal to deliver an outcome that exceeded our expectations, both in terms of valuation and fit - HCL is a truly global player and their strong heritage in financial services makes them an excellent partner for us!"

Roland Staub,
CEO, Confinale

Jonas Misteli,
CFO, Confinale

“Technology Holdings’ global network, proven track record of transactions in technology solutions, digital transformation and life sciences, and extensive experience working with Salesforce and Microsoft partners made them an obvious choice as our advisor. From the very beginning, we were impressed with their thorough approach, their deep understanding of our business and their relentless commitment to helping us identify the right strategic acquirer. Technology Holdings were - without a doubt - critical to the success of the transaction, delivering multiple offers from a range of acquirers. In the end this meant we were able to find a partner with the ideal cultural fit, without compromising on valuation. We would highly recommend them to other business owners who are looking to take the next step in their company’s journey.”

Geert Adams,
Co-Founder and CEO of
C-Clear and Atom Ideas

Kasim El Bastani,
Founder and Managing
Partner of C-Clear Partners
and Atom Ideas

Gert Pauwels,
Founding Partner of
C-Clear Partners
and Atom Ideas

Technology Holdings has been a fantastic partner to us throughout the deal process and it has been a very pleasant journey throughout, from initial conversations during the height of the pandemic, to signing on the dotted line with ilionx. We are very pleased with their deep expertise, meticulous planning, hand-holding, and their tremendous hard work - from the preparation of exceptional materials, leading us through management meetings, to their approach on buyer negotiations. We are extremely happy with the end result - we couldn’t have done this without TH - they delivered the best possible outcome, with a buyer that represented the ideal strategic and cultural fit for You-Get.

Hanke Dekker,
Co-Founder & CEO

Hans Van Krevel,
Co-Founder, CTO & CFO

"We started our journey with Technology Holdings 2 years back pre-COVID and we can confidently say we’re extremely happy with our decision to appoint them to help us find the right partner for BrightGen - we’re delighted with the outcome and would like to thank TH for their incredible efforts. From our first meeting at Dreamforce in the US, TH recognized our unique proposition as the largest independent Salesforce partner in the region and ran a structured and highly professional sale process to find the optimal strategic partner and achieve a premium valuation for the business. They secured numerous offers from buyers globally, leveraging their extensive buyer relationships and deep expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem and delivered a fantastic outcome for us! The TH team worked incredibly hard and were always by our side throughout the process as we navigated through the twists and turns of the transaction, providing us with sound advice and helping us find solutions to the challenges and complexities of the deal. We have found a great partner in Omnicom, and we look forward to working with them in the next phase of BrightGen’s journey."

Rob Stevens,
Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Martin Tyte,
Co-CEO and Co-Founder

“We are very impressed with Technology Holdings’ digital transformation sector expertise, process, attention to detail and the tremendous hard work put in by your team. Technology Holdings’ global network of potential partners for Lister was very extensive and your strong relationships played a key part in finding the right partner. We received sound advice at every stage and met all the objectives we set ourselves when we started the process. We are impressed with your clarity of thought during the entire process, the level of planning and how you managed to bring the right people to all the meetings. Bounteous is as close to the perfect partner as we could have hoped for when we started this process.”

Srinivasagopalan Chary,
Founder & CEO, Lister Digital

Karthik Raghuram,
CFO, Lister Digital

"Outstanding professionalism and conscientious tenacity by the whole team at Technology Holdings! TH’s strong relationships with global acquirers in the digital insurance space was very impressive and it secured several attractive offers from buyers globally. The TH team worked incredibly hard throughout the transaction as we navigated through some complex challenges. Thank you for all the support in concluding this perfect match between Endava and Business Agility - great job!"

Roy Murphy,
CEO, Business Agility

"Technology Holdings has been fantastic from start to finish - we couldn’t have done this without their hard work. We have been extremely pleased with the guidance, support and high touch service provided throughout the process - from preparing outstanding materials and prepping the team for the process ahead through to delivering 7 offers, driving negotiations and managing the due diligence process - their guidance and heavy lifting throughout has ensured the optimal outcome at every stage of the process, and helped us select the right buyer with the best strategic fit. Technology Holdings truly delivered on their promise of certainty of close and a premium valuation - we are extremely happy we made the right decision to appoint them, and despite the high pressure they worked under, the result was success!"

Frank Mogensen,
Founder and CTO, CLOUDEON

"From our first meeting, Technology Holdings recognized our unique proposition as a specialist strategic consultancy, providing evidence-based omnichannel customer engagement and digital transformation services and products to life sciences companies. TH ran a structured and highly professional sale process, securing a total of 12 offers from buyers globally, leveraging their extensive buyer relationships and deep expertise in the digital transformation and life sciences sectors. As we navigated through Covid-19, TH ensured that we capitalized on our unique proposition, selected the right strategic partner and secured a premium valuation for Across Health. We’d like to thank the TH team for their effort, resilience and for managing the heavy lifting at every step of the process, from preparing compelling material through to due diligence process management and negotiation. The level of advice provided from start to finish was of the highest calibre and was instrumental in ensuring that we found the ideal partner in Precision Medicine Group to continue our growth journey. We would certainly recommend Technology Holdings to any company considering a sale - their deep sector expertise and knowledge of the buyer landscape is truly unparalleled."

Fonny Schenck,
Founder and CEO, Across Health

"Technology Holdings was brilliant through the entire strategic sale process and guided us every step of the way to ensure that we achieved the best possible outcome for the next phase of our journey. With a thoroughly professional and systematic approach, they secured 9 offers for us from strategic buyers globally. Their deep expertise in Digital Transformation and in the ServiceNow ecosystem, commitment to delivering at every stage and seamless management of the entire process enabled us to continue to focus on the business while engaged in the process. I'd like to thank the Technology Holdings team for their diligent and exceptional work from preparing outstanding material to leading several rounds of negotiations and supporting us on a daily basis during the due diligence process. Technology Holdings found us the perfect partner in Infosys, giving us the opportunity to spearhead their ServiceNow business across Europe, which is what we always envisioned for ourselves. We are glad to have chosen Technology Holdings as our advisor who was nimble enough to ensure a successful transaction closing in the middle of a pandemic and a global lockdown. We can’t imagine having done this without them and would certainly recommend them to any business considering a sale."

Norbert Nagy,
CEO and Founder, GuideVision

Pavel Müller,
Founder, GuideVision

"The Technology Holdings team truly was an extension of the Yesler organization. From the first day they were 'all in' to help us highlight the strengths of our business and identify the potential strategic partners that could support us in our next stage of growth. We relied on their advice and guidance to help steer us through this journey and we could not have done it without them.”

David Jones,
Founder & President (Yesler B2B)

"We chose TH, after interviewing a number of advisory firms, not only because they were extremely knowledgeable about our business and the B2B digital marketing sector, but also because they were the most genuine people that we met. We'll miss seeing their smiling faces on our daily video conference calls!”

Anika Lehde,
Founder & President (Projectline Services)

"Technology Holdings has been an instrumental partner throughout the process and their global reach, sector expertise and dedicated team delivered multiple offers and an exceptional outcome for us. We were delighted with the guidance and support TH provided in helping us choose Endava as our preferred partner. We think this acquisition will be great for our clients and our people, and we are excited about the opportunities this creates in Germany and beyond to accelerate our growth, enhance our capabilities and extend our services. From start to finish, we have been extremely impressed with TH’s diligent, professional and structured approach, they provided invaluable advice and managed the process seamlessly, we could not have done this without them, and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough!"

Frank Zahn,
Founder and CEO, Exozet GmbH

"The strategic sale of Exozet represented a majority stake exit for German Startups Group. As a leading German listed venture capital provider in Germany, we were able to achieve significantly higher capital gains on the transaction than expected. Technology Holdings ran a thorough and structured sale process, delivering 9 offers, and securing a premium offer from Endava. We were tremendously impressed with the diligence and professionalism of the whole team at Technology Holdings and we would highly recommend them to any company or private equity fund looking for an exit for its portfolio companies! On top of the pure financial success it was also a pleasure working with the TH."

Christoph Gerlinger,
Founder and CEO, German Startups Group GmbH

"Technology Holdings played a pivotal role in the success of the transaction, demonstrating their deep sector knowledge and truly global reach. Technology Holdings provided unparalleled support and guidance from our first kick off meeting through to the final selection of Capgemini as our preferred partner - this is a testament to their structured process and diligent approach. The level of advice provided from start to finish has been of the highest calibre and their sector insight was instrumental in ensuring that we found the ideal partner to continue our growth journey."

Stefan Olsson,
CEO, Advectas

“My sincere thanks to the Technology Holdings team for a great job advising us throughout the sale process. We are very impressed with Technology Holdings' structured approach to the transaction and the team did an invaluable job of managing the complete sale process for us. We received offers from European, Asian and US buyers and Technology Holdings successfully leveraged their C-level relationships to secure an offer for us that was significantly higher than we had expected. We felt that at all stages of the transaction we were able to make informed decisions based on excellent recommendations. All in all, we achieved an outstanding result and Technology Holdings not only delivered on all of their promises, but they were also great fun to work with…we would certainly recommend them to other business owners looking for a strategic sale.”

Gerd Klaasen,
Executive Chairman, Nielsen + Partner

“A strategic sale process can be long, tiring and full of surprises, yet we found ourselves well prepared and supported at every stage of the transaction because of the structured and thorough approach of the TH team. Extraordinary support was provided at all phases of the transaction, including the negotiation stage that helped us achieve a good deal. TH’s knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem and their strong relationships with buyers globally interested in the space made this typically complex journey an interesting and satisfying one. We certainly recommend the TH team to other business owners looking for a strategic sale. Undoubtedly, they are the go-to advisors for Salesforce partners and other companies.”

Doubi Ajami,
Founder & CEO, ABSI

"We selected Technology Holdings because of their global presence and their impressive track record in our industry. In Technology Holdings, we found an advisor who thoroughly understood our company and our proposition. The Information Memorandum that you prepared effectively brought out our unique value proposition and capabilities. You brought us access to all the relevant strategic buyers in Europe, Asia and North America, which led to us receiving 7 offers! We are also very pleased with the support that you gave us at every step of the process, including through due diligence, negotiations and all the way to closing. In all, we are very happy with our decision to have chosen you as our advisor and would be happy to recommend you to any company considering a strategic sale."

Andreas Von Gunten,
Founder and Chairman, PARX

From the get-go, TH got to know our business as if it were their own. They made it their business to understand not just the numbers but the story behind them. They expertly developed and helped us shortlist a field of potential buyers and negotiated the best possible deal. In doing this they left no stone unturned and have helped secure an exciting future for the business. TH gave us the confidence to control the process and our own destiny. Bravo.

Fred Bassett,
Chairman & Founder
Blue Latitude Health

Martin Brass,
Founder & Managing Director
Blue Latitude Health

"We were thrilled with Technology Holdings, and especially the way you went about your business, professional at all times but yet keeping the personal touch. Since our first meeting, the TH team demonstrated a deep understanding of the digital transformation space and digital insurance technology. The TH team worked tirelessly with us every step of the way from positioning right through to due diligence, contract negotiations and closing. Through their extensive network, we met several potential partners from different geographies and were delighted with the guidance and support TH provided in helping us choose Majesco as our preferred partner. The TH team’s experience combined with their unswerving commitment was instrumental in delivering a successful outcome for us."

Norman Carroll,
Founder & CEO, Exaxe

Philip Naughton,
Co-Founder, Exaxe

"My sincere thanks to Technology Holdings for all your effort on this transaction. We've met loads of banks over the years, but none that've worked as hard as you, invested in understanding our business in the way you have and provided us with support and reassurance through some of the toughest days we've ever had in our careers to date. I still remember your day one promise that what makes TH different is that they do all the heavy lifting. That's been 100% true. I truly believe what you offer is completely unique. We placed a huge amount of trust in you and it's so great that it's paid off. To top it all off, it's been a massive and really rewarding learning curve. So thank you. I hope you're looking forward to the next chapter as much as we are! "

Marc Oldman,
Finance Director, Foolproof

"Technology Holdings' deep understanding of the banking, financial services and insurance industry landscape from a technology solutions, cloud, digital and consulting perspective, and strong strategic buyer relationships globally helped us find the right strategic partner in Synechron. Their offices in North America, Europe and Asia matched our global presence and enabled them to support our transaction discussions seamlessly. Their guidance through the process was valuable and the outcome leaves Citihub Digital well positioned for the next exciting stage in our journey."

Chris Allison,
Managing Director, Citihub Digital

"While considering a strategic sale, we were looking for an adviser who understood our business aspirations. Technology Holdings ticked all of the boxes, global transaction experience in our key industries such as insurance; deep understanding of the Guidewire ecosystem; strong relationships with global services companies and a track record of closing transactions in consulting and digital services. We are thankful to the Technology Holdings team for delivering Tech Mahindra and their support during the transaction discussions""

Chris Day ,
co-Managing Director, Tenzing

Suri Bartlett,
co-Managing Director, Tenzing

"We're very impressed with Technology Holdings who advised us on our strategic exit to DXC. TH's breadth and depth of relationships with strategic acquirers globally in IT services and Consulting was impressive. Their focus on every aspect of the process to ensure that a smooth and efficient strategic sale was executed, always keeping in mind the best interests of TESM's shareholders and stakeholders, was valuable. TH's team of professionals across geographies worked tirelessly to help achieve aggressive timelines, doing a lot of the heavy lifting."

Patrick O'Connor,
CEO & Founder, TESM

"When we first met the Technology Holdings team, we were thoroughly impressed with their understanding of the analytics software and services market. They had connections with the largest IT services and global technology companies and worked with us to plan and prepare well in advance of the launch of our sale process. Ultimately, they delivered a wide variety of potential strategic partners for us to evaluate across the US, Europe and Asia. The TH team helped us achieve not just a strategic valuation for our company, but the best strategic fit as well."

David Smith,
CEO, C3global

“From our very first meeting, Technology Holdings recognized our unique position at the intersection of design, technology & engineering. Their M&A expertise in each of these disciplines proved to be an advantage when it came to effectively communicating our value proposition to relevant strategic partners. We are extremely happy that the TH team helped us identify and select EPAM to amplify our core business.”

Gianfranco Zaccai,
Founder & President, Continuum Innovation

"The Technology Holdings team was with us every step of the way. They supported us across multiple geographies and advised us through the entire due diligence process. Technology Holdings helped us select the right partner to build upon our legacy and EPAM was a perfect fit."

Carmencita Bua,
COO, Continuum Innovation

“The Technology Holdings team was instrumental in helping us find a partner in Nemera that shares a common vision to provide exceptional capabilities to their clients, from innovation through industrialization. We appreciate Technology Holdings’ depth of experience in the healthcare sector and their understanding of our specialized design & development capabilities.”

Craig Scherer
Co-Founder, Insight Product Development

“As a services company, it was important for the management team that we could trust our adviser to understand and clearly represent our motivations for a transaction. From our initial meeting to the day of closing, the Technology Holdings team served as that trusted adviser in our search for the perfect strategic fit.”

Doug Brewer,
Co-Founder, Insight Product Development

Technology Holdings demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the strategic value of V-NEO as a leading IT and business consulting firm serving the insurance industry. Because they clearly understood our people, our services and our culture, we engaged the TH team to find a strategic partner that could support our aggressive growth plans and manage the various offers that V-NEO received. From our initial preparation and conversations through due diligence and share purchase negotiation, TH served as a trusted advisor and as an extension of our team. Terry, Rahul and the entire TH team were instrumental in guiding us through the process. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and our strategic partnership with GFT.”

Alain Lamothe,

"From our first meeting in the winter to the announcement celebration in mid-summer, we appreciate the level of detailed diligence and responsiveness that Technology Holdings demonstrated during our discussions. We appreciate how efficiently the transaction happened and we hope to work with you on another deal very soon!”

Markus Kreitinger,
Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, GFT Technologies

"From the time that we started working with Technology Holdings, they became like an extension of our team, managing every step of the complex process of selling a company efficiently, systematically and diligently. We were impressed by their commitment to achieve our targeted objectives, always keeping our best interests in mind, which resulted in us finding a strategic partner that was the best fit for Syncordis, its management and employees. TH's access to strategic buyers globally resulted in multiple strategic offers. We would certainly recommend TH to any company looking to sell."

Guillaume Desjonquere
Founder & CEO, Syncordis

Luc Gesquire,
Co-Founder, Syncordis

"We would like to thank the Technology Holdings team for their guidance and continuous support during the transaction right from the start until deal closure. We would not have been able to close the deal successfully without your help. Particularly preparing the Information Memorandum, managing the due diligence process and the number crunching that helped with key SPA negotiations have been of great value to us. We are really glad with the outcome and for having chosen Technology Holdings as our advisor."

Bo Wilchen-Pedersen, Lars Lund, Peter Ravnholt & Lasse Wilen,
Partners, BusinessNow

“We would like to thank Technology Holdings for their sincere hard work and consistent, untiring support by enabling us to achieve our strategic objective and negotiating the right deal with our strategic partner. It was a long and demanding process and Technology Holdings was with us every step of the way, with advice for every situation. It was truly a pleasure sharing this crazy adventure with the team at Technology Holdings.”

Maximiliano Martinez,
Founder & CEO, Optimissa

"We are pleased to have chosen Technology Holdings as the advisory firm to work with us to find the right strategic fit. As a design and innovation services firm that focuses exclusively on healthcare, together with Veranex we can now offer a broader array of services to meet a growing demand from our clients. This year is shaping up to be a record year for our firm and Veranex is well positioned to help us sustain and accelerate our growth trajectory. We couldn't be more pleased with the Technology Holdings team, their understanding of the market and their process that delivered such a great outcome for us."

Kai Worrell,
Chief Executive Officer, Worrell Design

"We engaged Technology Holdings because of their strong track record, close relationships with global buyers and deep understanding of the digital transformation space. When it came time to finding the right strategic partner for our enterprise mobility solutions company, the TH team was able to deliver a variety of strategic options across sectors and geographies. Their agility, customer focus, objectivity and sage advice at every step of the process helped clinch the deal for us."

Avinash Misra,
CEO, Endeavour Software Technologies

“Both Joel and I would like to say a huge thank you for the support you have provided to get the sale across the line. This has been a 9 year project for Joel and I and to be able to complete it in this way has been fantastic. Your contribution and skills have been invaluable to us and we certainly wouldn’t have achieved it without you.”

Nigel Runnalls,
Founder and Director, cDecisions

“I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for your support and professionalism in getting our deal over the line. I have been very impressed with your team throughout. We could not have done it without you!”

Joel Versluys,
Founder and Managing Partner, cDecisions

"Technology Holdings has been our trusted M&A adviser for many years, having worked closely with the SCIO Health Analytics team on a number of our acquisitions. Their deep understanding of the healthcare market, coupled with their global reach across the US and Europe, has added significant value in support of our strategic growth objectives."

Siva Namasivayam,
CEO, SCIO Health Analytics

"From the outset we were impressed with the Technology Holdings team's experience and understanding of the insurance technology sector. The TH team went deep to understand our product portfolio and prepared compelling material which highlighted LISS’s unique value proposition. We also benefited from the extensive connections that TH have with leading organisations in many geographies, and their ability to match us with multiple potential partners from technology and services backgrounds across the US, Europe and Asia. In addition to helping us identify the right strategic fit, the TH team continued to support us, working tirelessly during the subsequent due diligence processes and transaction documents negotiation process to ensure a smooth and successful closing."

David Hanley,
Managing Director, Liss Systems

"Technology Holdings were our M&A advisors on the strategic sale of Hatstand to Synechron. What was genuinely impressive was their excellent knowledge of the capital markets and financial services IT/consultancy market, and more importantly their deep relationships with the right strategic buyers globally given our strong preference for a company that offered the ideal cultural and strategic fit for my staff and the management team. Technology Holdings provided end-to-end support and useful feedback through every step, hurdle and challenge of the M&A process. This included preparation of materials, securing the right offers and critically the most vital aspect of managing the due diligence process. They then assisted in navigating Hatstand through the purchase agreement discussions and getting the transaction over the line."

Adam Bennett,
Formerly Chairman and Owner of Hatstand

"Technology Holdings was our M&A advisor during the acquisition of iViZ Security by Cigital. The team was dedicated and hardworking and managed the process efficiently to make sure that the transaction progressed as per targeted timelines. We were happy with the process including the management of due diligence and the overall support provided during the transaction."

Bikash Barai,
CEO, iViz Security

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